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Did you know that the CV in CV Axles stands for Constant Velocity? The highly trained auto mechanics at North Dallas Imports in Garland know all about CV axles and all kinds of auto repair, whether it’s for a Land Rover or other European vehicle. The CV joint makes sure that your wheel turns at a constant rotation, regardless of varied up-and-down motion. If it’s the boot that’s damaged, you could continue to drive for a while, but it’s never worth the risk. If you’re hearing a clicking, clunking, or popping sound when coming from your front end, particularly when you’re turning, then it’s most likely a damaged CV joint. Don’t wait to get it looked at, because if the damage progresses to complete CV joint failure, then your axle could break and that can be incredibly dangerous as you will no longer have control of your vehicle! Yikes!

Avoid being stranded stranded or worse, getting in an accident, because you’re CV axle broke. Let the extensively trained auto mechanics at North Dallas Imports in Garland keep you safely on the road and in your Land Rover or other European vehicle. Bring it in to have it thoroughly checked out and if your CV axles need replacing, they’ll show you with digital inspection technology so you can make an informed decision about your Land Rover or other European automobile. You can count on North Dallas Imports to be transparent as the base of their entire business is steeped in integrity. You’ll never have to worry about being sold any service or auto repair that isn’t absolutely necessary.

We are proud that we have cultivated a loyal customer base and have customers go out of their way to drive to our facility because we do honest, quality work the first time you come to us. Check out what customers have to say about us:

“Eddie. I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank so much for the great job you did on my car. Your prices were very affordable and made trip from Grand Prairie to your shop worth it. I will certainly mention you to anybody I hear needing work. Thanks again for your great services and I’m sure I will see you again.” -- JP M.

When you need CV Axle work, you can count on us to deliver high quality workmanship. North Dallas Imports in Garland believes in providing you and your Land Rover, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or Volkswagen dealership-level knowledge with concierge-level service at reasonable prices. Our highly trained service advisors and auto technicians will educate you on your vehicle’s needs, knowing that you are the pilot. You will never be oversold and will always have confidence in the decisions you make regarding the maintenance and repairs your automobiles receive from North Dallas Imports. Schedule an appointment today, or stop by at 4250 Forest Lane, Garland, TX 75042.

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