Safe Night Driving Tips

Driving at night is very difficult and involves many risks. The main reason behind this is reduced visibility. The driver’s reaction depends mainly on Vision and vision is usually limited at night. While driving at night it is difficult to view and judge the speed of the vehicles around you which results in collision and accidents.

An Intelligent driver should take below measures and precaution to be safe while driving at Night.

·         Prepare your vehicle for night driving. Headlights and Signal light should be working properly and should be clean. This is very important and is helpful to avoid accidents.
·         Do not Drive if you have consumed alcohol this affects your judgment and also impair your hearing and vision capability
·         Smoking should also be avoided while driving as this activity can make you lose your concentration.
·         If there is a long journey, you are required to take hourly breaks and have some snacks and rest for a while. This will not make you tired and you will be more energetic and the journey will also be less stressful.
·         Make sure you have enough sleep before you are going to drive at night.
·         Do not flash the light on other vehicles this may hamper their vision and result in an accident.
·         The speed should be average and not so high while driving at night especially on Highways and where there is more traffic.
·         Avoid taking unnecessary overtakes as this may result in collisions.
·         Use Seat belts and necessary equipment’s that can protect you in case of any accidents.
·         When you are following another vehicle make sure your low beam is on which will help to avoid blinding the driver ahead of you.
·         Use of cell phones while driving should also not be done as your mind is diverted and is occupied and it may result in accidents.
·         Music should not be loud while driving as this may result in not listening to the horns and indication provided by the vehicles around you.

Driving at Night requires more concentration and also skills, everyone is busy and has to reach his or her destination on time or before time, However you should be more cautious and intelligent when you drive at night as it is entirely a different ball game than driving in day time. In today’s world there are super cars and high speed vehicles and everyone out here wants to drive fast which ultimately results in avoiding and breaking Traffic rules.

You have only one life and you should respect it and should be doing actions which are not harmful to you and the surroundings around you. Driving is fun and enjoyable only when appropriate safe driving measures taken.  Drive Safe – Be Safe.

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Summer Car Care Tips

With the chilly winds gradually decreasing and intensity of heat increasing day by day, it’s quite sure that the summer will soon be experience in US. The climatic change in the country brings a change in people’s lifestyle as woolen jackets are replaced by cotton shirts and heater is replaced by air conditioner. With so many changes around the country, one cannot afford to forget about one’s car maintenance for summer. Cars basically do not demand much maintenance but can breakdown if neglected completely. Hence, before going for a long ride in summer, you should execute the following car care tips.

Check the Battery: Performance of battery struggles in summer. Starting with absorption of excessive heat, durability of battery life decreases. Heat causes the fluid of battery to evaporate which ultimately destroys the interior part of the same. Hence, proper care of battery is essential. You should clean the top of the battery and check the charging rate. If you experience any kind of under performance, do not hesitate to take your car to a car repair and  service center or car repair experts quickly who can fix battery issues, if any.

Maintain Tire Pressure: Maintaining proper tire pressure is of utmost importance. Pressure on tires increases with the heat and decreases when it’s cold. Properly inflated tire increases the fuel efficiency of the car whereas under inflated tire cause the risk of blow out. It is recommended that you should check the tire pressure in regular time intervals and the condition of the same every month. Remember, tire can affect your pocket in either way, you save some dollars by taking proper care whereas you need to spend some dollars by neglecting. Therefore, you should check the tire pressure before driving.

Upkeep the Coolant: In summer, coolant is overburdened with its primary task as engine heats up quickly in high temperature. To keep the engine cool, coolant has to perform extraordinarily due to which its durability decreases. It is essential to keep the coolant clean and fresh. This can be done by changing the coolant on yearly basis. The ratio of distilled water and vehicle’s radiator should be maintained at 1:1 (i.e. 50:50).

Exterior maintenance: The exterior body of every vehicle is totally exposed to the hot rays of the sun. High temperature can degrade the exterior look of the car as it destroys the paint. Nobody prefers to own or drive a poor-looking car. Therefore, it’s important to take proper care of your car’s exterior. This can be done by executing a simple task i.e. clean, wash and wax. Your car should be cleaned as frequently as possible, washed at-least weekly and waxed semi-annually.

The above-mentioned steps would surely avoid the risk of massive breakdown; however you should stay prepared for tacking worst possible situation during a summer afternoon. Therefore, it is recommendable to keep an emergency kit in your vehicle so that you can fix minor problems if needed. Lastly, maintain a specific speed limit and don’t accelerate beyond the same to avoid excess heating of engine.

Car Care Tips: The Do’s And Don’ts Of The Car Washing

Honda-CR-V-3           When it comes to car care and maintenance, there are a dozen of technical and physical tasks to be executed. Out of these tasks, some demand specialized attention of a professional whereas a few of them can be executed by the owner or driver. One of the tasks which is usually classified in “easy” car care activity is the car washing. Although it might sound an easy task, car repair and service experts believe that it demands adequate knowledge as statistics reflect that careless washing degrades the paint. Hence, it can be said that knowledge plays a vital role in car washing.

If you are looking forward to start washing your car, here are certain vital things that you should know and do.

  • Rinse the Body: Before using a sponge or any other material to clean the car, it’s important to rinse the sheetmetal so that the dry dust or mud can be removed. This should also be done when your car gets wet in acid rain because acid rain causes polish to fade.
  •  Wash in sections: Make separate sections in the car and clean one section at a time. This allows focusing on one area completely. Washing the entire car can make the paint dull if water or detergent gets dried.
  •  Use separate buckets: You should use separate buckets of water to clean the car. One should contain fresh water whereas the other should be used to contain car washing detergent water.
  • Dry the car: After the car has been properly washed, dry the car using materials like terry towel or chamois which doesn’t leaves marks on the body.

After knowing the things you should do, it’s time to learn some things that your shouldn’t do in order to keep your car clean.

  • Don’t wash when hot: The paint of car is done on a mere sheet metal. It gets heated quickly and takes time to cool down. You shouldn’t wash the car when the sheetmetal is hot because water as well as detergent dries quickly. This results in dull polish and even extends the time required to complete the process of washing.
  • Don’t use harsh detergents: Detergents such as laundry soaps and dish soaps are very harsh and can harm the wax coating of the car’s paint. Therefore, harsh detergents shouldn’t be used for car washing.
  • Don’t use cloth: Clothes leave marks or “hairline scratches” on the body of the car. Hence, cloth or other similar material shouldn’t be used to clean the car. Large pieces of sponge are one of the cheap and best options available for cleaning the car.
  • Don’t ignore water droplets:   Hard water drops can leave marks on the car’s body. It can also harm the wax coating of the paint. Thus, don’t ignore water droplets; only clean it using a sponge.

Honda_civic4All the do’s and don’ts are sufficient enough for every owner to perform the car washing task appreciably.  Hence, as you have necessary knowledge of car washing, you can cut down car washing expenses paid to a mechanic or car repair service center  as you can do the same yourself.

Safe Driving Recommendation For European cars

AUDIWith the arrival of 2014, many people in US have started to feel a fetish for owning European cars that are not only mesmerizing with look at but are also exclusive examples of promising performance. Today, if you look at the car market, all major car brands such as BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, etc., come from Europe and can be regarded as the most dominant brands in the car industry.

From the cost point of view these cars are no doubt expensive because of their brand value and features but they also give the owners a distinct status in the society. When it comes to maintenance, European cars repair and service should always be done with care as they are meant to serve luxury. The following maintenance tips intend to educate the readers on ways to maintain their European cars.

Prevent your car from running out of fuel: It is absolutely foolish for a driver to run his car at low fuel. This is because European cars generally have a fuel pump placed in the fuel tank. When there is no fuel in the tank, the pump acquires damages and hence will require replacements. So, make sure that you never drive you car on a low fuel level.

Prevent your car from overheating: European cars are famous for their swiftness and speed. In thirst of these facilities, the owners often forget the issue of overheating with their car. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge of your car, if the same is rising continuously then make sure that you give your car a cooling period. Failure to do so can result into an expense of $2, 000 as cylinder replacement becomes mandatory.

Checking the cooling system: Some European cars have inbuilt cooling system that rescues a car from overheating. However, due to cost reduction implications manufacturers have started using cooling systems framed out of plastic that are less effective under vibrations. Make sure that your mechanic has made decent efforts to ensure that the cooling system remains efficient throughout and if possible then allow your mechanic to make regular adjustments in your car’s cooling system from time to time.

Maintenance of brakes and tires: The efficiency of brakes and tires determines the overall safety status of your car. Every time you go out for a ride in your car make sure that you check the status of your tires as they are always exposed to various obstacles in the road. On the other hand, brakes should always be tested before setting out on the road. Though most of the European cars come with a tubeless tire and air brake system, it is always a good idea to ensure safety form your end.

There are also some other essentials in form of keeping your car’s silencer clean, maintaining your car’s engine, etc., but more importantly it should be ensured that you do not try and drive at a very high speed. Irrespective of your car’s condition always abide by the law and maintain traffic rules.

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Maintenance Tips of the European Cars

All over the world the European cars have captured the majority share in the car market. Various brands from the different countries of Europe like Germany, France, and Italy etc. have attracted the attention from various parts of the world. Almost in all the countries, the car owners own majorly European cars. European cars are mainly known for its luxury, safety and convenience of driving and riding. But in order to enjoy all these features of the European cars, the car owners need to maintain the cars periodically. Weekend maintenance is very much essential for the vehicles to run smoothly throughout the week.

Various maintenance processes are there which can be executed within the garages of the car owners. The most important maintenance step is to wash the car weekly.  After driving the car for the entire week through various road conditions and in various weathers, it is very important to wash the car and its tire in order to remove any kind of dust or dirt from the car body and the tire and also to prevent corrosion or rust that can occur on the doors of the car. The daily exposure of the cars to the sun, smog, salt etc. eats away the paint of the car. The weekend washing of the car also prevent this eating away of the paint from the car body.

The windshield of a car also needs to be cleaned weekly. If the windshield is dirty or is bug splattered then it would risk the safety of the car riders as it will obscure the view of the roads. In order to clean the windshield the soft part of the squeegee and special cleaning fluids that are available in the markets can be used. They can also be used to clean the headlights of the cars if they are found dirty. European cars are known for their styles and designs. So if the cars are not properly maintained or cleaned, the cars may lose their specialty of styles and designs.

Although the European cars like Land Rovers are known for its safety, few measures have to be taken in order to ensure the safe ride. These measures include checking of tire pressure in every week.  Besides providing safety, proper tire pressure helps in increasing the life of the tires and also increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicles. Along with the checking of the tire pressure, periodical change of the oil of the car is also essential. It helps in improving the mileage of the cars and also protects the car engine.

The fluids of the cars must also be checked weekly. Fluids include power steering fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, transmission fluids, oil etc. The levels of the fluids and sometimes the color of the fluids must be examined. Like the color of the oil must be clear and not black. If the color of the oil is black then it indicates that the oil has been left into the engine for a long time and it needs to be changed.  If there is any leakage of any of these fluids then it must be replaced immediately.

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Buying Guide for Used Honda and Acura Cars

Buying used cars is often regarded as the best option by many people due to various reasons like in order to avoid high price. But in order to buy the used cars at the best price an individual will have to put in a lot of effort in to do a lot of research on the possible price band that the market is offering. Until and unless the buyer is well informed about the price and other details of a car, the chance of negotiating on the price remains only as an old wives’ tale as without proper information the buyer won’t get the advantage of negotiating for the proper price of a car.

A used car is almost 10-70 % cheaper than the newer ones depending upon the condition of the cars. Still there is a huge risk in buying a used car as even after paying the required amount, it often becomes very difficult to land up with peaches. Peaches are referred to those used cars which are in a good condition. According to the current second hand car market scenario, the buying of Honda and Acura used cars has become very popular.

So today we will discuss some of the important facts that need to be considered while buying the Honda or Acura used cars. In order to understand the condition of a used car, one does not need to be mechanic. Few simple steps of checking the condition of the cars will help an individual in finding out any signs of potential problems while buying a used car. One can check for the electrical components of the Honda Acura cars. Among other electrical components, the air conditioning system must be checked as it plays a major role in offering a luxurious experience to the riders of the Acura cars, which is specialized in offering luxury cars.

The battery of the Acura and Honda cars must be checked properly for any kind of tear around the battery or acid wear. If there is presence of any sort of disturbance in the battery then it will indicate that the cars have not been maintained properly. The Honda cars are known for its safety and smooth driving experience. So in order to check whether the used car can still provide the smooth experience, one must test drive the car on a clean surface for near about thirty minutes. This will also ensure that whether there is any kind of oil leakage from the engine or gear box.

Although Honda is regarded as the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engine, all the Honda cars and the Acura cars must be checked for its combustion engines. Moreover, the wear and tear of the tyre of the Honda Acura cars should also be tested. If there is any problem with the condition of the tyre or their alignment then accordingly the price can be negotiated. The steering of the cars must be also be in a good condition. If they are found vibrating, then it will indicate that there is some front end trouble and so accordingly the buyer can estimate the price of the car.


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Best 10 European Car Manufacturing Brands In The US Market

People outside United States (US) generally prefer small fuel efficient cars like the model Ford Focus. But people of US are more interested in the pickup trucks, various sports utility vehicles and other luxurious car models. This is mainly due to the fact the fuel costs in US is much lower as compared to the many other countries of the world (especially the emerging economies) and also due to an improving economy which provide the citizens of US a better purchasing power. So the car market in US is different as compared to various other car markets of the world like China or India etc.

In a survey conducted by the ACEA – European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association, the bestselling brand of Europe in the US market is Volkswagen. It is by far Europe’s most popular car manufacturing brand. It is basically based on the core value of ‘driven by design’. It is the second largest automotive company of the world in terms of revenue. In the last quarter they have sold near about 137,316 units. Another brand which is keeping the pace with Volkswagen is Vauxhall Motors. It is a British automotive company which is a subsidiary of German Adam Opel AG. It sold near about 87,968 units of cars in the last quarter.

Renault also holds a position among the top ten European brands of car manufacturing. It is a French multinational vehicle manufacturer. In the last quarter it has sold 73,023 units of cars approximately. It manufactures not only cars but also trucks, tanks, buses etc. Another brand from German, BMW has also enlisted itself in the list of top ten European brands. BMW is basically a German automobile company which was established in the year of 1916. Since then it manufacturers one of the world’s best cars, motorcycles and engines. Its sales were 70,327 in the last quarter.

Audi in another German automobile manufacturer that specializes in engineering and designing the car models, followed by manufacturing and distributing them all over the world. It mainly operates in the luxury segment of the car market. In the last quarter it sold 66,826 units of the luxury cars. A company from France – Peugeot has also made its place in the top ten European car brands. It is regarded as the second largest car manufacturer in Europe. It was able to sell 66,620 units of its cars in the last quarter. Peugeot was basically a family business which was founded in the year of 1810.

Mercedes-Benz is another German automobile company which has sold near about 62,900 units and is among the top ten European car manufacturing brands. The Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation was successful in selling 52,209 units. Citroen- the French automobile company sold 51,592 units and Ford sold 97,028 units. These are some of the top ten European car manufacturing brand in US. Previously Fiat was also present in the top ten list but according to the latest report by ACEA Fiat fell to 11th position just before Skoda who is in the 12th position.

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Land Rover – Maintenance of the leather interiors

Land Rover is the British car manufacturer brand which is specialized in four wheel drive vehicles. Land Rover is one of the first adapting sports utility vehicle (SUV) which can be used for different terrains.  In a survey conducted by the UK Department for Transport it was found that the models of Land Rover is regarded as one the safest models on the roads and it was also found that people prefer this SUV in spite of its high price due to several advantages that the riders can enjoy while riding a Land Rover model.

One of the most important advantages is that the Land Rover models are fit to run on any weather condition and on any type of roads and moreover the new models of Land Rover is very much fuel efficient. But there are also some disadvantages like the models of Land Rovers consume high maintenance, car repair and service costs. Due to its high maintenance and repair costs the resale value is very low. So although the Land Rover owners can enjoy a safe and better ride in this SUV, the buyers must consider all the advantages and the disadvantages of it before buying the vehicle.

Since the resale value is quiet less as compared to the maintenance and Land Rover repair cost, the owners themselves must put some effort to keep the cars in a good condition in order to avoid any sort of huge expense for its repairing. There are various methods by which an owner can maintain his car on his own. The most important task that the owner must take care of is that the SUV must be washed regularly. Other than this, today we will talk mainly on the maintenance of the leather interiors of the car as the models consists of various leather parts in its interior.

The leather parts mainly comprises of the seats inside the car. The seats need periodical cleaning along with other leather parts. It can be cleaned using various cleaners that are available in the market especially for cleaning leather materials. These solution or cleaners do not cause any harm to the leather materials or does not discolor them. When the cleaning is completed, various available conditioners can also be applied on the leather materials in order to preserve the resiliency that the leather materials has naturally. If the leather materials are not taken care of regularly then eventually they become dry and stiff and ultimately it leads to the cracks on the materials.

In order to prevent the accumulation of dust and sweat on the leather covers, the riders can make use of the air conditioner of the cars. This will help in keeping the windows closed thereby preventing any outside dust to enter into the cars. Also the air conditioner helps in keeping the interior fresh and comfortable which provides a better experience to the riders of the SUV. So these are some of the maintenance tips which the Land Rover owners can easily practice in order to avoid any major interior leather maintenance problem of the car.

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New Cars in the year of 2014

Along with the passage of time, the world-wide development of the technology is ubiquitous and so is the car market. Moreover cars which were once used only as a convenient mode of transport, is now used for an ample number of purposes ranging from a trivial purpose of transport to that of luxury and status symbol. These types of diversified quests of the customers or the potential customers are becoming the driving force for the development of the car market. Various car manufactures are burning their midnight oil to come up with new ideas, innovations and discoveries in order to cater to the diversified needs of the customers.

In the year of 2014 a lot many number of cars from various manufacturers all over the world, are expected to be showcased to the world. Like the iconic American sports car from Chevrolet named as Corvette Stingray is anticipated to be one of the most note able introduction of new car in the sports car segment. It has been built with a new specific driver focused dashboard and has excellent fuel efficiency. In the luxury segment Mercedes Benz has come up with a model which posses extreme high tech chassis controls and also has an option of including autonomous driving mode at a low speed. It allows to automatically keep the car at the centre between the lane markers on any highway and also allows to sense the road imperfections on its way and adjust the suspension accordingly.

Another car that is launched by Mercedes Benz is the Mercedes Benz CLA-Class which is a four door coupe. It has a unique feature of Advanced Parking Assist which facilitates autonomous parking in both the parallel and perpendicular parking spaces. Jaguar has revealed the Jaguar F type as the two seat rear drive convertible. It is priced much below the sports cars of Jaguar XK. This automobile is light weight with a curvaceous styling. In the SUV (sports utility vehicle) segment Jeep Cherokee will be launched in the year of 2014 which is equipped with advanced nine speed automatic transmission. This car offers many safety features along with various other facilities like the wireless charging pad for the portable devices. It enables the consumer to enjoy a comfortable ride as it has the presence of four wheel independent suspensions.

Cadillac ELR which is an extended version of the Chevrolet Volt, will also enter the car market in the year of 2014. It maintains the tradition of style and luxury just as the other Cadillac models. This model of Cadillac is powered by an electric motor along with a plug in chargeable battery pack. This car provides a sporty ride and has a high tech looking interior along with a stylish exterior. These are some the major cars which will have their footprints on the car market in the year of 2014.So overall we can say that although there is a slow-down in the world wide car market, the manufacturer are leaving no stone unturned to bring in new ideas ,innovations and discoveries in the market.

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Highway Driving Tips For Good Mileage

A good mileage can be an added advantage to the owner of the automobile. With the ever rising fuel prices one of the best remedy is to increase the mileage by adopting proper driving rules. Especially when one has to run on the highways, they should follow proper driving techniques to keep the car and themselves safe. One may drive a pickup truck, car, tractor-trailer or other farm equipment, but it’s always essential to stay alert about safety and be economic at the same time.

Carefully check  your vehicle before operating it on the highway. Be sure all of these are in good working condition like its lights turn, signals, windshield wipers, horn, brakes, seat belts and mirrors. Apart from all these one also should harp on the following points like use all the safety equipment, especially seat belts, when you are driving on the highway. In most states, wearing the seat belt has been made the law. Using cell phones or other electronic gadgets, while driving is a very high risk matter which puts significant impact on crashes and society.

 As per a study it has been found that drivers who use cell phones are four times  more likely to be in a crash then that of those not using the same. Never drive if you are under the sway of, illegal drugs or prescription drugs or alcohol that makes you drowsy. Also, don’t drive if you are ill. Obey the speed limit and all other state and local traffic laws. Remember to drive no faster than 25 miles an hour if you are operating farm equipment with an SMV. Always drive defensively. Turn your head and look around before changing lanes. Make sure that you always carry a first aid kit and emergency vehicle kit along with you while travelling.

Along with the safety matters every individual who ever is driving must follow some of the driving tips for the betterment of the mileage on highways. It is advisable to gently accelerate as its unnecessary usage increases the fuel consumption by almost 35%. Try to use the clutch lesser to save the fuel and increase the mileage. Many cars are equipped with a mileage gauge, however, drivers hardly notice the same, instead they keep focusing on reducing the fuel consumption and speed, instead keeping a record of the point on the mileage gauge would provide some knowledge of the fluctuating figures as per the driving styles.

One of the most essential tips to enhance the mileage is to shift to manual transmission than to automatic. For a better fuel efficiency the RPM is required to be kept low, and the same can be well managed by a manual transmission. A short technique is to avoid small pause for the engines, i.e., in the signals or parks for few seconds keep the engine running instead of fully stopping, this will in turn effect the mileage positively. It is also advisable to maintain a steady speed for both safety and mileage on the highways.


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